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Natural is the only way.

Say No To Any Unnatural Substance In Life...
A BodyBuilder Or Physique Athlete Crafts his body with Sweat And Blood Working Hard For Hours Days Years With Passion And Dedication Dreaming To Get That Beautiful Body Like Greek God 
As That Desire Ignites His Risk Taking Attitude Develops And Once He Gets Into Clutch Of Those Unnatural Drugs And Banned Substances Which Are Rewarding Initially With Strong Bigger Muscles And Fake Confidence But Whose Repayment Is Cruel.
Life Gets Dependent On Unnatural Substances...Doses Have To Be increased For Living And Surviving. Body Does Not Respond Like Before. The Quantity Obviously Goes Higher Making It Toxic And Poisonous. But No Way It Could Be Left Out Because The Feeling Without It Now Is Worse Than Dying. So Risk Is Continued.
It All Started For A Beautiful Healthy Body. See What Has Been Done. 
Even If You Go slow You'll Reach Somewhere....Far Better Than Reaching Nowhere


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