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How to Maintain insulin Level

"People don't loose weight to get healthy they have to get first healthy to lose the weight"

Today we'll going to talk about hormone 'Insulin' which is broken down into basic nutrients (protein breaks down into amino acids; dietary fats into fatty acids; and carbohydrates into glucose), which make their way into the bloodstream by the pancreas then moved into muscle and fat cells for use or storage.

Fat loss:-In the presence of high insulin all fat burning hormones are shut down.You can exercise and do everything else right, but if your insulin levels are high…you will not burn body fat. The best way to insure low insulin levels is either by eating foods with a low Glycemic Index(eg. Oatmeal,Sweet potatoes, brown rice,Quinoa,Whole-grain/wheat bread,Beans)in your daily caloric need.It means if you consume half glass of juice,piece of burger,pizza even fruit and if you are struggling with this hormone you'll not going to lose fat for 48hrs.When Insulin goes down a person loses weight.All aspects of fat metabolism are greatly enhanced in the absence of Insulin.Reason of high Insulin:-
a)Excess calories with high % carbohydrates and sedentary lifestyle.
b)Stress and less sleep time.
c)Excess protein than required as per your body.

Muscle Gain:-Insulin actively transport certain amino acids into muscle cells and does have anti-catabolic properties it means the rate at which muscle protein are broken down decreases.It creates a more anabolic environment in which muscle can grow larger quicker.Muscle is made of protein and it is manufactured by ribosomes.And Ribosomes are turned on by insulin.So we need proper amount of insulin to build muscles.

"Insulin isn't the big problem....
Being overweight and sedentary is..."


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